Tailored for ultimate comfort

Our bathrobe collection has been carefully considered for ultimate design and comfort to provide your guest with a truly luxurious experience.

Skilled crafts people have the ability to tailor various fabrics into beautiful bathrobes, representing true craftsmanship.

Every detail from basic hemming and sizing are combined skilfully to produce a truly hand sculptured garment.

Terry Towelling Bathrobes

The wonderful drying characteristics of the natural cotton combined with the carefully formed loops of the weaving process makes this fabric a perfect choice.

Velour Bathrobes

A combination of the traditional terry towelling fabric with the luxurious velvet appearance, created by shearing the tops of the terry loops to create a soft and luxurious bathrobe.

Striped Velour Bathrobes

Further enhanced aesthetic appearance of the luxurious velour fabric by carefully weaving into the fabrics structure a simple geometric pattern to create a real statement.

Piped Bathrobes

Piping can make a bold design statement in line with a brand or concept whilst a more subtle colour way could be chosen to enhance the sophistication and opulence to the bathrobe.

Waffle Bathrobes

The clever woven construction can break away from tradition, the lightweight fabric can offer a different wearing experience.

Coloured Bathrobes

It is possible to replicate corporate colours or match a relaxed atmosphere of a spa or design theme, using the modern dying systems that are available to us.

Knitted Bathrobes

Break away from tradition with a statement of contemporary modernness with this very current and easy to wear fabric.

Childrens Bathrobes

Whether your preference is to velour or terry towelling fabric our extensive ranges of children’s robes are designed to enhance the entire family’s experience.