The sweetest of dreams

Hand-made and hand-filled in Scotland, our duvets and pillows use a fine balance of feather and down to achieve the effect your hotel desires, as well as the perfect night’s sleep for your guests.

Natural Down Products

Our premium down products created from the finest down cluster blends to suit your particular needs.  Ethically sourced from across Europe and Siberia, our down selections bring with them the highest quality, fill power and cleanliness to exceed the required standards significantly.   We passionately seek to excel in this arena using only the best down blends and exquisite case fabrics to curate the most beautiful sleep products.  Pure down products bring lightness and exquisite temperature management and are totally sustainable.

Feather Products

We select the best Feather and down blends from across Europe to meet the needs of every customer requirement.  Our soft, lofty, feather-rich blends provide structure and superior thermal and moisture control qualities.  Encased in a durable 100% cotton baffle wall construction case, our duvets bring luxurious warmth while helping to manage temperature fluctuations naturally.  Pillows and toppers have a supportive but soft feel with the added advantage of total sustainability.


Synthetic Products

The finest and most technically advanced synthetic fibres created by Advansa™ Germany have been selected to create the best synthetic products using premium baffle wall 100% Cotton cases.  Our materials have excellent sustainability credentials, are Non / Hypo allergenic (depending on selection), odourless and highly washable.  Textiles of durability with superb loft, recovery and thermal performance to consistently deliver a restful night’s sleep.