Visualise Your Bespoke Design

Capturing the unique ambience of your brand means paying attention to the details, those small but important flourishes that work in unison to tell the story of your hotel experience. Personalising linens with your brand’s distinctive aesthetic signature creates a luxurious, personal touch that your guests will remember.

Exclusive Linens is proud to introduce a state-of-the art design service that utilises the latest 3D software to help you develop and visualise bespoke linen designs. Our Bespoke Design Platform allows you to develop an exclusive, branded designs for your linen and evaluate the designs in situ using 3D rendering technology. Without even leaving your desk, you can work with us to develop, assess, and produce bespoke linen for your hotel.

Your style

With the help of our in-house designers, you can select the style, colour and materials required to craft a bespoke and exclusive expression of your brand.

Our Software

3D rendering software lets us use photos captured from your website to visualise your bespoke designs in situ. By allowing you to evaluate the various designs in a personalised virtual room scenario, you can move forward with the assurance that your new, signature linens are the perfect match to your hotel’s unique style and ambience.

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