A style for every mood

Browse our House Collections or work with us to craft something bespoke that captures a unique ambience. Everything you see here can be custom-finished, adapted and personalised. 

Embroidered Lines

A well-dressed bed is the centrepiece of any hotel room and it’s incredible how a few thoughtfully placed embroidered lines can transform the impression the bed makes.

Simple, elegant lines are great for creating specific borders, boxes or flanges. You can stay cool and neutral or tone in different coloured stitching with your brand or room theme.

Make up beds and stack pillows in different ways to create precisely the effect you’re after.

It’s your room, your way.

Pure Pattern

Break out of straight lines with a more expressive embroidery style that frees you to create designs that enhance the overall ambience of the room in the most subtle of ways. 

From the old-world glory of Venice to clean-cut diamond minimalism, a simple pattern can evoke so much.

Go for an upscale feel or choose a cleaner and more pared back look. Mix and match patterns and colours to create a classic or contemporary ambience.

By combining traditional linen-making crafts with state-of-the-art embroidery techniques, we can help you enhance and transform every room.

Da Vinci
Da Vinci


There’s something very special in the way a Jacquard weave is created. It’s subtle, interwoven patterns lie inside the fabric like a threaded watermark.

The original Jacquard loom-head was created over 200 years ago to manufacture sumptuous textiles such as brocade, damask and matelassé. Today, we can work any pattern you desire into your bed linens, taking inspiration from a photograph or designer’s sketch to create a look and feel that is entirely bespoke to you.

Bring your team’s creative vision to life or choose our own house style and strike a mood that is unapologetically luxurious.

Classic Stripes

Stripes are reassuringly timeless. Balance the simple and sumptuous with a beautiful sateen reverse stripe effect and pull together a firmly traditional look that will complement a great range of room designs, without ever being overly formal.

Set the width of the stripe to chime with the particular look you have in mind and create a refined ambience that’s affluent and effortlessly restrained.

Enduring elegance has a new home.

Contemporary Stripes

Cool and deliberately understated, these Contemporary Stripes bring a dash of what’s now to any interior.

Go as slim as you like with a gorgeous reverse sateen effect and relax the way a room feels.

Tighter yet somehow lighter, these Contemporary Stripes are a great alternative for a fresh and laid-back look that still speaks of luxury.

Modern has never looked so good.


Bold can be beautiful and that’s never more true than with our distinctive Chequerboard Collection. Using different sizes of this design, you can achieve everything from stunning brashness to sophisticated subtlety.

It’s style, cubed. A fun new play on a classic, clean white palette. Make a statement with a square-weave in alternating sateen for a gorgeous geometric look that will take guests somewhere exciting and new at bedtime.

Simply Plain

Sometimes less is more. Whether it is the cool crisp gently interlaced percale weave that is favoured or the luxuriant soft sheen of the sateen weave. It is possible to achieve a refined elegant statement.

Our carefully considered fabric constructions optimise the fragile balance of lustre and luxury with serviceability and longevity.

With the careful selection of high quality cotton, it becomes possible to achieve something beautiful from something so natural.

Classic Check

With this carefully chosen 5mm geometric pattern we believe we have struck a compromise between intriguing design and subtlety, making a polished statement. This allows another dimension to the presentation of the bed.

Micro Check

This 2mm geometric pattern is a truly subtle fabric allowing an air of sophistication to be achieved from the design. This timeless fabric can be further enhanced with an understated embroidery or hotel logo.

Supima Cotton: The Epitome of Luxury


Exclusive Linens has chosen to introduce a range of bed linen utilising Supima cotton as its foundation. We believe that the strong characteristics of this unique strain of cotton are ideally suited to produce the finest bed linen that will exceed all expectations.

When it comes to the ultimate sleep experience, Supima cotton is guaranteed to produce the softest, smoothest, most durable bed linen available. Leading the way when it comes to environmental accountability, Supima growers have 100% transparency from seed to stitch.

The World’s Finest Cottons

Supima is exclusive, making up only 1% of the world’s cotton.

Historically, Egyptian cotton was considered the gold standard, but Supima is now widely acknowledged as the finest cotton in the world for softness, smoothness, durability, and strength.

Supima cotton is grown only in the West and Southwest states of California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico.

The Supima group of growers hold trademark rights, which allows them to enforce the quality of Supima products, issuing licences to only the highest quality textile mills.

Smoother, longer fibers

The length of the cotton fibre is known as the staple, the staple length is a direct component of the softness, strength and durability of the finished yarn. Supima cotton has the longest staple length of any strain of cotton in the world, exceeding others by 40%.

Supima’s extra-long staple cotton has fewer exposed fibre ends which in turn creates a smoother yarn and finally a more luxurious fabric.

Transparent, sustainable farming and manufacturing practice ensures environmental accountability at every step in the supply chain.

Sustainability, Responsibility, Traceability, Transparency


Supima’s state of the art agricultural practice concerning water management, soil conservation and satellite imagery sets environmental standards for cotton growers around the world.


Only 35% of the plant is used to produce cotton fibre, so the family-run farms ensure that each part of the plant is utilised at harvest time.


Supima use forensic science to verify fibre origin; trace elements and isotopes are analysed and tested against a unique fingerprint at each stage of the supply chain.


With rigorous farming standards and supply chain testing, Supima cotton is distinguished by its industry-leading transparency.

To find out more about our Supima range contact us
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