An oasis of luxury

Nowhere is extravagance more welcome than in the bathroom. The luxurious nature of our range of bath linen items will reflect the exclusivity of the room and the status of your hotel, leaving your guests feeling thoroughly pampered.

Complete bathroom range

Use our range of bath linens to help create the overall effect you desire. We offer a generous variety of products featuring different sizes and styles, all combining practicality with aesthetics, to ensure a highly favourable and lasting impression is created.

Beautifully branded

Personalisation is central to everything we offer at Exclusive Linens, and nowhere is this more apparent than with our extensive range of branding options. We can embroider your logo, however intricate, into your robes and towels using the latest German or Italian embroidery threads or, using the sophisticated jacquard loom, we can weave it into the fabric itself.

With our cutting-edge techniques, we can achieve the very highest definition and the most understated effects.

From head to toe

With everything from sumptuous bathrobes that cosset you like a comfort blanket to supremely soft towelling that gently kiss the skin, our range is comprehensive.

We can produce bath linens to specific colour requirements to create the desired effect whether you are looking for something striking that catches the eye or something altogether more understated.

A flawless experience

Soft, fluffy, welcoming and inviting, our bath linens are woven using the very latest techniques to ensure the utmost satisfaction of anyone who uses them.

Perfection is a word that is overused in the hospitality industry, but it’s genuinely one we hear time and time again from our delighted clients.